Wedding Season Gear List

The intimacy, closeness and passion between two people, there's just something about being a part of a wedding, let alone shooting it.

Shooting weddings definitely are not everyone, it’s a compilation of long hours, exhausted that goes towards both emotional and physical, the reward and experience, there’s nothing like it. Over the last two years we have been lucky enough to be a part of some great documentaries, concepts projects and commercials, while that strayed us from shooting what we really love.. guess what? this season.. weeeeee’re back

Now everything we list below isn't one size fit all; each venue, locations and clients need different and specific equipment, one of the biggest things i stress to new videographer is to location scout and attend all meetings, keep constant communication with the coordinator, client, DJ to see what is needed.

Over the next few months we'll be doing behind the scenes, tips, Q&A vlogs and many more, stay tuned.. this is where we get wild.

Below is our current gear list, we're adding up fast!

Disclosure** All links for the listed item below is affiliated with our amazon affiliate account and we get a commission of any purchases referred via these links.

If you like what we do or have any questions about certain gear, tweet us or leave us an e-mail anytime, we love people!


JVC GY-LS300: An amazing 4K camcorder / camera that features a Super 35 SENSOR & MFT (micro-four thirds) mount that will adopt and accept any and lenses with a proper adapter; it's native MFT mount that's helped with the design of the Panasonic & Olympus system; Review coming soon!

Sony A6300: Amazing low-light, 4K and quality; we also bring this along in all our travels.

Nikon D7100: This nikon is very near and dear to our heart, as it was our first camera when first starting out and took us to great places.. we will forever hold on this.

DJI Osmo: Just ahhh-mazing, 4K portable gimble that gets you flexibility and accessibility to get into tight spaces where a cine-cam can't.


Panasonic Lumix 35-100: Just a beautiful lens especially on the MFT mount, the sharpness is super crispy (yum)

Rokinon 50MM Cine-Lens: Yum - Yum, comparable to a 1.4 Canon L, some say this might perform better for 1/3 of the cost, it is definitely crispy with an amazing bokeh at 1.5 

Tamron 28-75: One of our very first glass, very affordable and gives us what we need for focal length.

Tamron 70-200: The sniper rifle, definitely a must if location and sizing appropriate. 

Sigma 24-70: My go - to all around lens, gives everything you need at a better quality than the 28-75

Sigma 30mm: Also a great / wide lens to have

Nikkor 85mm: A crucial and important glass to have, an 85 just does something that many others can't

Nikkor 35mm: The standard street photography lens.



Zoom H1 : An essential for quality audio, lightweight and portable; strap up a lav and you're ready to go!

Rode Smartlav: Essential to pair with the H1

Zoom H4: Always necessary with phantom power and dual XLR inputs.

Rode Rodelink Wireless Lav: if you're budget runs a little low, definitely opt - in for the Zoom H1 & Rode Lav kit; but the quality of the Rode Wireless Lav are great, extremely comparable to the Sennheiser Line.

Sennheiser EW112PG3A: Bigger brother of the Rode Wireless, both are similarly effective.


Pelican 1510: An essential for all your gear - keeping needs, TSA size approved for a carry on, mine has gone through many cities across the USA.

Pelican 1650Our bigger case .. for bigger cameras..and bigger things

Sandisk 128GB 4K: Get as many as possible, shooting 4k gets real data heavy and amazon usually has good deals / flash sales for these.


DJI RONIN - M: We always focus on the concept we're shooting, while Ronin's are great for a one-er and many possible creative angles, we don't need it all the time, sometimes the little brother (OSMO) works great as well.

Manfrotto MVM450 Monopod: Quick, easy, portable.. perfect for weddings and run & gun shoots.

Davis & Sanford Provista 7518B Tripod: These are our original starting tripods and can't be any happier with them, super fluid and easy to handle.




PROMASTER LED336 -  Great LED lighting for run & gun and the budget ($169) 

TorchLED  Great variable LED and a higher quality build than the promaster

Manfrotto 1051 Light Stand - Cause what else are you going to put the lights on?!


13' Macbook Pro (Mid 2014) - My daily laptop, still do-able for editing on the go but we built a custom PC for all our 4K - 6K editing purposes; Will list specs in another post

Western Digital 2TB - We have 4 of these for on the go editing and storage, portable and small.

Seagate 5TB - For home base and backing up the backups.

Adobe CC: - Definitely essential to any postwork; Premiere, Photoshop, Speedgrade & After effects.

BEN Q 27' - Slightly cheaper than the 32' bigger brother but simply one of the best editing monitors on the market.