Employee Spotlight - Kaylie Foster


Employee Spotlight

As an HR-based agency  (In our world, happiness count as productivity) We're so lucky to have the most amazing, talented and unique humans in our team; This week we are featuring our Project Liason, Kaylie Foster and grilling her with the hardest questions the interwebz has ever came up with.

If you've seen our work before, you've probably have seen Kaylies face + music video plastered on our website, we are immensely lucky to have her on board with the team!

Say Hi to her below!


1) If your best friends had to describe you in (3) Words, what would they be?

Quirky, Creative & Sassy

2) What is the strangest/ weirdest thing about you that nobody knows?

Whenever I'm home alone, I almost ALWAYS sing The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" in the shower and pretend I'm on Broadway.

3) What would you do if you never had to work?

I would be a traveling singer-songwriter.

4)  Would you rather spend you life on a plane or a boat and why?

Definitely a boat because I'm deathly terrified of turbulence on planes, and I'm a total water lover.

5) What IS a hashtag? 

A "hashtag", formerly known as the "pound sign" back in the day, is now an avenue in which millennials use to describe the subtext of their lives or to simply be ironic. For example: "I love eggs so much! #eggsarelife #didthechickencomefirst #wewillneverknow"


Check out her work on the interwebz -

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fosterthekaylie/

Website - www.kayliefoster.com