Here’s a 5 minute read on how easy it is to build a custom pc.

Macs are great for more than everyday things, no questions, doubts or rants about it, especially while i’m typing on the macpro now; but you know what they’re not great for? rendering & editing, unless you’ve got $5,000–$10,000 for a fully loaded IMAC (i know i didn’t) nor would i spend that much on a computer, we went towards the custom built PC route and here’s how easy it is.

Specs & Pricing -

Processor — Intel Core I7–5820k 3.3GHZ ($388.99)

MotherBoard —MSI X99A Raider ($194.99)

Memory — Viper DDR4 32GB ($159.99)

Graphics — GeForce GTX 970 ($294.49)

SSD — Samsung 250 850 EVO ($90.99)

Now these 4 core necessities are already $1,038.46 but we’re off to a great start.

Fan — Enermax T40F-RF ($38.99)

Power Supply — Antec VP550F ($59.99)

Case: Corsair 300r ($69.99)

TOTAL = $1,298.42

All these were bought and priced at fry’s.

PROTIP** Fry’s will price match any and majority of their competitors; this probably saved me about $150

Now you’re probably asking, how long does it take for me to put all this together? well, fry’s also can piece & build it together for you for $40

Now go build and get rocking on your new system!

If you have any questions please feel free to tweet anytime!