Announcing Mr & Mrs Stovall, The Marriage of Kristen & Martin


"Child" By Washa

"Try A Little Tenderness" By Otis Redding

"Adorn" By Miguel


Hartland Mansion


Photography by Leah + Mark

Love itself is what is leftover when being loved is burned away, because the truth is, the more intimately you know someone, the more clearly you see their flaws. 

This seems to perfectly sum up Kristen & Martin or the newly minted "Stovalls"  over the last few months through e-mails exchanges, i've gotten to know Kristen to a point of being proudly to call her more than a client but a friend; i briefly learned a little bit about their breaks in history and time of their relationships throughout the day of the wedding to realize that the marriage was simply, made to be (still a cheeseball at heart)

One of my favorite things about shooting a wedding is the communication between myself and the couple, i've always been intrigued to learn about how they met, who they are and what they like.. every human being has a story to tell and once you find the right one to recognize, continue and build a story together like Kristen and Martin,  there really isn't anything you can compare it to.

Check out the great photos below!