Chicago + Mississippi = A whole bunch of Pokemons caught!

I've officially caught pokemons in 5 different states in the last month, albeit none being rare :( 

July was an extremely fun and busy month, times i look back at the places we've travelled and give absolute gratitude and thankfulness to live this journey and life we do; big up to the most high! (in our DJ Khaled voice) 

Chicago has always been one of those cities that we picture ourselves being in, the culture, food, public transportation is something we've always adorned and wanted here in Vegas; at first glance Chicago seemed to be a little on the expensive side in terms of cost of living but after researching and reviewing their cost of living, it's not as bad as we thought (watch out chicago, we might be coming) 

Mississippi (July 27th - August 1st) We were at the Lady Luck Casino & Hotel at Vicksburg, Mississippi about 45 minutes away from Jackson (the big city) for an event our partners at Gameshow America --- produced in partnership of their casino and their marketing team; Gameshow America has been in business for the last 20 years producing really fun gameshows all across the country for companies and sports teams such as the Yankees, Cardinals, Mets and many more, not only are they an amazing company, they are managed by equally amazing people and really grateful to have them as close friends and partners!

Here are some photos from the .. month // weekend? 

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