For inquiries, in - depth pricing and general availability.


We specialize in a wide array of documentary style cinematography from weddings, corporate events, commercials for small business to full documentary features. 


What is your policy on new inquiries?  

  • Dates are booked on a first come, first serve basis, we treat each potential client like family off the bat, respect and time will be always our first goal no matter if you book with us or not.


Can we meet before deciding to hire you?

  • YES & YES. Establishing communication is very very very important to us, it's how we get to know you and you about us, we'll work with your schedule if you're short on time and decide our work is awesome enough :)

Payment methods accepted

  • We accept all payments (cash & check) is preferred. 3% fee is applied if paid via credit card or paypal

How do we book Indiemarch for our event?

  • Your event date is booked upon receipt of Contract & Deposit*** (#1 rule in the industry is to never double book, we respect each and every person time) *** Deposit is half the total price package & balance is due two weeks before event.

What can we do to ensure we'll get the possible video? 

  • Sound is CRITICAL for a good video,  our audio engineer (mckenny corban) is an integral part of our team and your event

Who will actually shoot my event?

  • Our director of photography, Kenny and if opted for further coverage, our second shooter Mckenny.

What is your shooting style?

  • We follow a documentary style approach with a directorial approach to get the best meaty quality material

What video format do you shoot?

  • Our packages included an HD delivery of 1920 x 1080 and progressing onto 4k capture and delivery if requested (additional investment of $1,000)


How long does it take to receive video after event?

  • Our usual turnaround time is anywhere between 1 - 2 months but you will get a review link on every update request we do, Indiemarch proudly uses WIPSTER for all video review process.

What is your preferred method of delivery

  • Digital Download  is a way of sending the video to you via a provided link to start the download. The Digital Download gives you the full resolution HD or 4K video 

  • The video format we use is the widely compatible H.264 and the files are both Mac and Windows compatible. Please keep in mind that the file size could be 30GB or more for HD and 250GB or more for 4K. That means it could take many hours or even days to fully download over fast broadband internet.

How long do you keep your clients footage

  • We keep all of our footage indefinitely, we keep footage of everything we've done because we want to, not because we have to. once the video has been delivered, we will follow up with you to ensure you keep, store and make copies for all files