WHD.USA 2017 - Our team absolutely rocked it!

Hey Y'all!

It's been a while, 32 days (but who's counting) we've been everywhere and doing everything on this desert for the last month so we decided to do a little recap on one of the longer and larger team projects we've done in a while.

For the week of September 10th - 13th, the IFP Team was producing on-site videos for the WHD.USA 2017 Conference - http://worldhostingdays.com/ (i bet you didn't know we did that!) 

We brought out the whole team for this one, special thank you to Ashley Piper, Devin Campos, Michelle Tjahjono & our absolutely amazing editor Mauricio for rocking the whole 4 days!

Here is a Event Highlight of the event, produced and completed by the end of the event!.