Q&A Episode 2 - Got my first wedding videographer gig, any tips?

Nikon, Canon, Reds, JVC's, Arris, f*ck all that because the truth is they don't matter if..

1) You don't know how to operate properly

2) Aren't prepped & organized.

The rise of mid entry DSLRs to Mirrorless cameras has made it ever so easy to get into the amazing world of videography & filming but we're not here to talk about equipment, well at least not today; we're here to really talk about the real important part & process of overcoming the fear your first wedding shoot.

Now, If you're shooting your first wedding soon and are overwhelmed about equipment, payment, contracts, delivery, contact & the actual day of, we're about to make it a teensy bit easier for you

We're here to strictly discuss the process, non-equipment.


General: Attend rehearsals, hell even attend walkthroughs; ask questions about what the day is going to be like, the wedding coordinator pre-wedding will be your best friend, treat them nice, they're here to make sure the wedding goes smoothly and on-time as possible, ASK questions / concerns you may have; get their contact & number; AKA future contact

Photographer:  They're going to save your day, stick with them if you can, let them pose, handle the intimate photoshoot and any post ceremony if they have are scheduled for it; a good photographer is so crucial for learning future poses and making future contacts!

B-Roll: B-roll the hell out of the venue; if you're local and miss something you really like, go back and get it.

Audio: Ask the DJ to hook up your tascam / zoom to their soundboard OR if they have an SD insert on their audio board, get that as backup, DJ's usually have a mic, ask the officiant if he can give the mic to the couple as they talk; Mic up the groom as well, sometimes the officiant isn't great about passing the mic. 

AUDIO is extremely crucial, PLEASE please PLEASE do not skip on it.

Ultra important tip: If you have an additional $100 - $200 even if it's out of your own pocket, find a reliable and somewhat knowledgeable friend to help as second shooter.

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Good luck!