Nice to meet you, We're the Kramers. The Wedding of Kevin & Riley


Ruelle - I Get To Love You

Percy Falls - Our time

Abby Falke - Can't Help

Venue -

JW Marriot


Photos by - Marilyn Diaz
Wedding Planning by - Green Orchid Events 

"We ask that the marriage of Riley & Kevin will fulfill every worthy wish of their hearts, you are blessed to have grown up in a remarkable community that created such love for family and enduring life long friendships" - Pastor Bob Fisher.

Kevin & Riley Started their absolutely amazing journey to maturation, love, family and it all started at the tender age of 3 years old, can ya believe it? on November 5th, 2016 they were officially wedded as man & wife in front of their closest friends & family at the beautiful JW Marriott of Las Vegas.

In all of the weddings we've done, i don't think we've ever seen the love between two people of their community and family that is reflected through the warmth of Kevin & Riley, They have an everlasting impact to those around them, as shown with what is most likely combination of 24 (count them, TWENTY FOUR) Bridesmaid & groomsmen.

We're extremely honored and blessed to be a part of an extremely special day for Kevin & Riley and to know that we'll always have friends with the same nomadic sense of adventure as us!

Cheers to Kevin & Riley Kramers!

Thank you to the absolutely amazing work of Angelica from Green Orchid Events and all her communication, due diligence and of course the awesome Keri Macanas from JW Marriott for being such a gracious and inviting host!


Check out the awesome photos provided by the talented Marilyn Diaz