Solid Gold Pet: Happiest Dog On Earth - Super Scooty


Phillip Cuccias - For Keep Sake


Producer - Solid Gold & Indiemarch

Director of Photography - Derek Morrison

Photography by - Devin Campos


Red Scarlett 

JVC LS-300

DJI Osmo X5

Rode Wireless Lavaliers

Zoom H4

Zoom H1

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Not only is Super Scooty super sweet and cheery, she was recently crowned "The Happiest Pet on Earth" by Solid Gold Pets and deservingly so.

Erika & Alicia, the owners of Super Scooty, a now instagram dog influencer, sits down with us and discuss about the incredible heartbreaking and tear-jerking story and journey Super Scooty has been through in her short life.

Thank you to the crew of Solid Gold Pets for making this happen and of course Erika & Alicia for being wonderful owners and humans!

Thank you to Devin Campos for the fun behind the scenes photos of Scooty Dog