Employee Spotlight - Mauricio Gonzalez


Employee Spotlight

As an HR-based agency  (In our world, happiness count as productivity) We're so lucky to have the most amazing, talented and unique humans in our team; This week we are featuring our Video Editor, Mauricio Gonzalez and grilling him with the hardest questions the interwebz has ever came up with.

We're excited to have Mauricio on board with us along with his multifaceted editing skills!

Say Hi to Mauricio below!


1) You won the lottery, $400 million to be exact. What if the first thing you'll use the money for?

I will pay my debts, invest strategically and save for retirement... LOL. Who am I kidding I would probably celebrate with a trip around the world for a few months and splurge like crazy on whatever I wanted, then deal with all that debt and planning for the future stuff later.

2) You have 24 hours to go anywhere you want and do anything you want starting in 10 minutes.

I would love to spend 24 hours aboard the International Space Station. Playing in zero gravity, eating space food and staring out at the universe and earth would be amazing.

3) If you had to lose one of your senses which would it be?

It would have to be the sense of smell. I think I could live perfectly fine without it, assuming that I would never encounter a gas leak.

4)  If you could have any animal as a pet what would you have??

My traditional pet of choice is a Great Dane. Although, if I could have any animal it would have to be a bear, they're cool, adorable and they seem like they'd be pretty chill to hang out with.

5) What the best country you've visited?

I've been to Mexico, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. My favorite has to be the Cayman Islands. The water is so clear and the island is beautiful plus they have sea turtle farms and that was cool to see.


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