Getting anxious and letting the Hangry-ness take over

Our two weeks in Mexico has been a little bit of a struggle regarding transportation and food, the production team hardly cooks at our condo and option to eat out mostly everyday, yesterday the crew went back to LA to drop off gear and equipment and i stayed behind (yay!) My travel and exploring bone was itching and i've been wanting to venture out into the city.. with no car, no transportation, no pesos and importantly no food in the house, this is a crucial mission.

Isn't google amazing?

Isn't google amazing?

Eggs & Chorizo for breakfast, noon rolls around and i'm getting REAL hungry and have been for the last couple days.. HANGRY is real people! i let my stomach lead the way, uber is an option! 

So on the UBER app in Mexico, there is an option to find an English speaking driver or a local driver and after hours and hours of trying to find a driver to go to the supermarket, one popped up! i got excited and clicked immediately and waited for the ride.

5 minutes into waiting out front i realized that the English speaking option was not chosen (oops) and with a awkward "no habla espanol" my Uber driver laughed and responded "No habla english" double oops

Through a mix of awkward silence, google translate, hand gestures and some Si / No, we were able to make it to the market and through Translate, i asked for her to wait for me as i quickly get groceries and take me back to our residence, she agreed! 

Somehow amongst the awkward silence, smiles and gestures we were able to talk about traffic, kids, location.. it was definitely a great learning experience and i think i will choose the non english speaking option from now on!




Travel often and let Hanger lead the way. 


- Kenny