Behind the Chef: Ricardo Zarate - our Film of the week

Listen, sometimes, even with all the creative projects we're fortunate enough to work on day to day, we, as creatives struggle with inspiration & motivation for the next edit & project; are you on the same boat?

We're excited to launch a new weekly blog series of what inspires us and all of our senses called "Film of The Week" in which we curate films that motivates us and hopefully motivates you with our choices as well.

If you don't like it, send us your thoughts on what you'd us to feature ;) 

This week, we share with you this emotion evoking film "Behind The Chef: Ricardo Zarate" by our talented friends at Life & Thyme (we're not really friends, we don't even know them) but it would be cool if we were, what say you Life & Thyme? 

Check it out and let us know your thoughts on how this makes you feel and the motivation for your next project.

Check out their blog for a better written piece as well <3 -