Chris & Nancy: The Wedding, The Videography, & everything in between.

Meet Chris & Nancy.

Chris & Nancy v4.1.jpg

We had the pleasure of working with this amazing duo shortly after they received some heart wrenching news. 

After months and months of planning, Nancy was surprised when she received an alarming phone call from her wedding planner.



“A month before our wedding… my wedding planner called me and she said ‘I don't want you to freak out..."


After some planning with Chris, we were happy to shoot their picture perfect wedding. We laughed, we smiled, I cried (cause I love love, and I’m a big baby), and we watched as Chris and Nancy dedicated their love to each other. It was plain to see that these two were beyond connected, they were meant for each other. 

We were able to capture all of the emotions that comes with a wedding ceremony. Those beautiful occasions that you’d want to relive again and again. 


"It's good to relive it and be able to say 'It did happen"


Being that a wedding day is one of the those monumental stepping stones in anyone’s life, it’s important to grab on to each and every memory that comes with it. 

We understand that most couples opt out of having a videographer because they believe it’s something that they will remember forever. What some fail to realize is that small details and moments begin to fade over time.

Each moment happens so fast that sometimes we forget to live in them and fully embrace them as well. With the power of video, we are able to capture and relive every time we press play. 

When we caught up with Chris and Nancy, we asked them how important they thought having a videographer on your wedding day is. Without hesitation Chris replied:



“On a scale of 1-10…125"


Oh & of course we had to ask them one last thing..


Chris & Nancy, you guys were truly amazing. It was a privilege to get to know and work with you. Thank you! <3