After The "I Do" Catching up with the Kramers


ALL aspects of Wedding Planning is *insert mindblown emoji* we know, we've been there - well, not actually BEEN there cause none of us are married BUT we have been lucky enough to be day one vendors (woo-woo) since the start of planning and ladies, we've got to give credit where it's due - you, the fiancee, future bride are absolutely amazing for everything you do, from logistics, details and all the remarkable things that comes together from your hard work!

Riley & Kevin Kramer

Today, we catch up with incredible Riley Kramer and reminisce together about her favorite memories, do's - don'ts and of course, where they are 1 year + change (who's counting) after their wedding.

1. For a couple that's just starting to plan their destination wedding (a year prior) what advice would you give them?

Planning a destination wedding is no easy task, shoot, planning a wedding in your backyard wouldn't be either! Not being able to see venues, or meet with vendors in person adds a special challenge to this mix. I wish we had a bit more *clear* conversations with our vendors. When I was a Bride, I fixated so much on trying to not be 'that bride' that I didn't ask enough questions. I was seeking the lowest price, and a few times, in very small ways, that came back to bite me in the behind. Now- don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of my wedding day! I missed a few things that really bummed me out, and it truly was little things that I am sure maybe only one or two people caught! The bouquets had the strangest base/holder I had ever seen. I only had photographer, so some key shots that I really wanted were missed. These are all things that could have so easily been avoided, the vendors we chose were incredible, and literally could have done anything we wanted! Overall, that day, those things don't much matter. You'll be so happy to have the day finally there that you'll have a smile painted on your face. 


2.Details that one should ABSOLUTELY NOT overlook while planning a wedding

Riley & Kevin Kramer

Oh my. Petals for the flower girls, and breaking in your wedding shoes! Most importantly, don't forget that all the small details DO NOT MATTER! I love the small details, and spent hours making little signs for everything from the dessert table to cocktail hour, and I guarantee maybe one guest remembers those details! I was so stressed that the bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts weren't fancy enough, and on and on and on. It all doesn't matter. Your girls didn't agree to be a bridesmaid so they could get gifts! They said yes because they LOVE YOU. Just enjoy the process, enjoy the people, and enjoy the magic on the day you get to marry your favorite human.

3. Best memory of the wedding day?

I have to give the number 1 spot to our Sparkler-Lit first dance!! Yes....I did almost catch on fire-live on the edge, right?!

4. How did you feel after the wedding was over?

Wedding Blues is TOTALLY a thing! I had spent so long planning the wedding that I almost felt like I lost my favorite hobby! Then reality happened again, and the world kept turning! 

5. What is life like (one) year after being married? 

We are a little over a year out and life is always interesting for us! We have loved being married, and being in our friends weddings so much. You appreciate weddings SO MUCH MORE after you've planned one. We are traveling for my husbands job, so we tend to feel like we're living out of suitcases! We've taken this holiday season off to spend by ourselves to just be with each other, and it has been SO nice. 10/10 recommend getting married! lol

Riley & Kevin Kramer

Riley is now a travelling entrepreneur and runs her very successful Lip, Skin & Makeup business 

Check her out at and make sure to say HEY Riley!

The photos of Riley & Kevins Wedding are from the amazing Marilyn Diaz!