Why Do Weddings Make Us Cry?

She walks down a pathway covered in blossoming roses to a cave shielded with vines and thorns. The skies are blue yet, adorned with fluffy white clouds. Her maid of honor follows closely behind her, recovering the brides train from the ground. The wind blows just enough to keep the brides curled haired out of her eyes. She continues to walk, one foot in front of the other. Her father stands at the end of the tunnel in his black tux which is accompanied by a silver tie and a boutonnière. He hides his hands in his pockets as he sways back and forth, waiting to see his daughter on her special day. 

The soon to be wed bride inches closer and closer to the grand reveal, her mother stands in a corner not too far away. Her mom begins to touch the tip of her nose to help suppress the drops from rolling down her beautifully made up face. She spent the entire day with the bride, but nothing prepared her for this special moment. 

After the father and the bride placed their hands over their eyes and turned around three times, they finally removed their hands and opened their anxious eyes. Surprise and pride washed over his face, soon followed by a stream of tears. Today is the day that he gives his baby girl away. 

I stood not too far from them, watching this story unfold. I became absorbed. I felt the tears forming in the corner of my eyes but I made an attempt to hold back. Then I began to wonder“Why am I crying? I just met this family for the first time today for filming”. And it dawned on me, almost everyone cries at weddings.

There is something about weddings that tend to pull on the good ole heart strings. And of course, sometimes we try to attribute the tears to the blooming flowers nearby or the pollen floating in the air. In reality, it’s our hearts overflowing with joy and happiness for the lovely couple. 

Standing before a family and watching the affection, excitement, and passion that poured in throughout the day made me look deeply into my own life. I began to internalize the idea of love and what it meant to me. I started to think about the true meaning of family and friends, my present relationship, and what my potential wedding day may be like one day.

 I gazed at the couple and noted how in awe they were of each other. I noticed the way the bride’s eyes became glossy the moment her best friend began to cry. I loved how the groom took the bride aside for a secret first dance because they were too shy to do it in front of everyone else. All of these moments were so dear and special. They formed into a time capsule placed in everyones hearts, the attendees, the bridal party, the groomsmen, and even us… the film crew. 

We cry because we get a closer look at why this couple loves each other so much. We cry because love has so much power and is able to draw this admiration out of us. We cry because we too hope that one day we will find the same happiness or maybe we cry because we have found that happiness, and we know what a beautifully paved road the couple is heading down.

We may all have different reasons as to why we become misty eyed, but one factor remains the same. Love has the power to bring people together, it has the power to humble us, and to make us appreciate life.

What are some reasons that a wedding might make you cry?