Mercury gate - User Conference

We wanted to take a different art direction with Mercury Gate 2017 User Conference, something fresh that represented them as a company and led  to this fast-paced, fun filled summary for their awesome three day conference. 

Check out the video below!




The wedding of sarah & nate

Everything about this day was nothing short of amazing, from the venue (which was a Vegas perspective changing mansion of an Airbnb) to the amazingly loving family of Sarah & Nate - We couldn't be any happier for these two and what the journey they are embarking on with their relationships.

Solid Gold Pet_ Happiest Dog On Earth - Super Scooty_Moment.jpg

Happiest Pet On Earth - Super Scooty

Not only is Super Scooty super sweet and cheery, she was recently crowned

"The Happiest Pet on Earth" by Solid Gold Pets and deservingly so.



Kevin & Riley Started their absolutely amazing journey to maturation, love, family and it all started at the tender age of 3 years old, can ya believe it? on November 5th, 2016 they were officially wedded as man & wife in front of their closest friends & family at the beautiful JW Marriott of Las Vegas.


Nadia & Hamza

Nadia & Hamza are a couple to absolutely fawn for, we recently started documenting South Asian - Pakistani Weddings and we are honored to be invited to film their amazing wedding at Red Rock Resort of Las Vegas.